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Established in 2009, Cater Group is an award-winning property development company, focused on commercial and residential sectors of the UK market.

We are a team of committed and experienced professionals with a proven track record in large-scale, multiplex property development. We provide value through a combination of meticulous analysis, hands-on management and unprecedented design. We endeavour to have a positive and lasting impact on the United Kingdom’s built environment, building places for people to live and work.

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553,451 SQ FT

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Cater Group’s philosophy is based on its strength of bringing together a carefully selected, specialised and professional team that is solely unique to each targeted development opportunity. We aim to be a world-class, progressive property development company. We aim to do this by building real estate developments which bring enduring value and support an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. We strive to achieve long-term customer satisfaction by providing value for money services and innovative products.

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At the heart of our business, we stand for what we believe in. We strive to offer world-class services and products at competitive prices, whether it’s building great experiences, infrastructure, or education.

Our work and legacy stand the test of time. We choose the right opportunity, to provide the right product, into lasting value. We’re about building value that is not simply lasting, but worthy of lasting.

Building for Excellence, not just in construction, but from services to enriching experiences. Building for Excellence allows us to open the door to new opportunities and is Cater Group's trademark around the country. At Cater Group, we Build for Excellence. The most important thing we build in value is people. We’re invested in building a family culture that has evolved over the years to form the foundation of our business. 

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Cater Group’s history spans 25 years. Originating in Malaysia, the Cater family was involved in many large-scale construction projects. Cater started work overseas in the UK in 1999. Since then the company has been able to progress and expand the business rapidly, despite an economic climate which has claimed many of our competitors. This is largely due to the financial foundation of the company.

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