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Our People: About


Cater Group is made up of a group of passionate people who are dedicated to making us be the best Commercial Property Development Company. Exceptionally talented, creative people are at the heart of what makes this such a great company to work with in all your future projects. Get to know these individuals below.



Senior Managing Partner

Steve is Senior Managing Partner and Chief Operations Officer for Cater Group, where he is responsible for providing strategic advice and is focused on real estate and infrastructure.

With over 30 years of experience in the property sector, Steve has been involved in a number of megaprojects including the former World's Tallest Building (Petronas Twin Tower in Malaysia), Malaysia's Largest Prison (Sungai Buloh), Kuala Lumpur's International Airport's infrastructure (KLIA).

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Planning Supervisor

With over 40 years of experience, Neil has worked with several architectural firms since graduating from the University of Dundee.

Having worked as a Project Architect as well as being involved in numerous housing association projects, new build projects and refurbishments, Neil is now a Planning Supervisor for Cater Group and is also the Head of the Design Team.

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Operations Manager

Mark Anderson joined Cater Group in 2023 as the Operations Manager, responsible for overseeing all developments. With a successful track record of managing projects on schedule and within budget across diverse industry sectors.

Mark brings over 35 years of invaluable experience in the construction field, particularly in handling multimillion-dollar projects. His expertise and leadership will play a crucial role in driving the success of Cater Group's operations.



Financial Executive

Penny Kam, serving as the Financial Controller, plays a pivotal role at our company.

With a keen eye for financial intricacies, Penny oversees the entire spectrum of our company's financial landscape. Her responsibilities include strategic financial analysis and planning, ensuring the fiscal health and stability of the organisation.

Her role as Financial Executive exemplifies her commitment to steering the company towards financial excellence and sustainable growth.

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Projects Manager

Ewan joined Cater Group in 2021 and plays the role as our Project Manager where he is responsible for the coordination in the majority of Cater Group's projects throughout the United Kingdom.



Accounts Assistant

Abdul joined Cater Group in 2023, bringing his expertise to the Accounts Department.

In his multifaceted role, Abdul is entrusted with managing the financial intricacies crucial to the company's success. His responsibilities include overseeing cash flow, maintaining meticulous bookkeeping records, managing accounts payable and receivable processes, and efficiently handling payroll administration.

Abdul's keen attention to detail and financial acumen contribute significantly to ensuring the financial health and stability of Cater Group."


Projects Coordinator (Aberdeen Construction Division) & Procurement Control

Lalith works as a Project Coordinator and Procurement Control with the primary focus on Contract Works in the UK.

Having finished his Master's degree from Queen's University in Belfast, Lalith has developed an extensive skillset including strategic planning and speculative development.



Quantity Surveyor

In 2023, Yashwanth joined Cater Group as a Quantity Surveyor, bringing his expertise to the team. In his role, he is entrusted with the crucial responsibility of managing budgets and quantities across all projects. Yashwanth's meticulous approach ensures that each project stays within financial parameters while maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency. His dedication to precise quantity surveying contributes significantly to the success of Cater Group's endeavors."



Project Coordinator (Cater Homes Division) & Architect Assistant

Having completed her Master of Architecture in the UK and has worked as an Architecture assistant in the past, Boon Yen is equipped with the skillset to help with the coordination of multiple projects of Cater Group. She is tasked with overseeing projects from the Cater Homes division and also supports as an Architecture Assistant.

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Senior Architect

Ian joined Cater Group with over 20 years experience as an architect. He is a member of the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and the Royal Incorporation of Architects (RIAS).

Ian's experience in the design and construction industry has been in all aspects of the private sector including housing, flats and industrial projects.

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Euan graduated from Robert Gordon's University with a degree in Architecture in 2013, and has since worked as a RIBA part 2 level architectural assistant.

Euan has worked on a range of projects, both new build and refurbishment through the early feasibility stages and planning through to finalised builds.

Our People: Meet the Team

Cater Group employs talented people with unsurpassed values and expertise.
People are our strongest asset. Led by some of the industry’s most experienced professionals, we employ people who strive for excellence.  Cater Group employees provide the diverse coverage needed to succeed and build trust in today’s working and living environment.

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